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Why Amino Organic-Plex?

Chemical-free hair & scalp care powered by science and nature.

Love Your Hair!

Beautiful hair can only come from a healthy scalp. That’s why we designed Amino Organic-Plex to take care of your hair from the roots to the tips. Powered by science and nature, Amino Organic-Plex was created to achieve the ultimate in healthy, beautiful-looking hair.

Each product has a unique blend of organic ingredients carefully formulated by a team of hair industry experts. We have dedicated years to unlocking the secrets to healthier, stronger hair. Our products have a unique balance of essential amino acids, regenerative herbal and plant extracts and pure essential oils.

And most importantly, each product is paraben, sulphate and preservative free! Amino Organic-Plex hair treatments are suitable for all hair types from any culture. Bring your hair back to life with Amino Organic-Plex.



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Amino Organic-Plex

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